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Our Mission Is to Increase Our Client’s Health-Span by Redefining The Aging Curve. Aging without decline!

The R360 Experience is creating the perfect venue for the growing population focused on the preservation of optimal human function and quality of life. Our model delivers sustainable, measurable; and life-changing results—using breakthrough “biohacking” technologies, customized modalities, and evidence-based protocols.

Our clients experience overall improvements in cellular regeneration, energy, and mental acuity, sleep and body composition, muscular strength and cardiovascular health, bone density, sexual health, and skin tone. At the same time, you also experience a significant decrease in the risk of age-related disease.

We have spent years researching the best technologies of the 21st century to bring balance to the lives of the overworked and under rested.

No other business in our market houses the same synergistic blend of technologies under one roof as we do, and that is why nobody else can achieve the same life-changing results we help our clients realize.

Each service is customized to your distinct needs, and our resolute staff are enthusiastic about helping you use our breakthrough technologies to achieve all your health, and body performance goals.



The fact is that our muscle is the largest endocrine organ in the body, and people with enough muscle mass have a significantly lower incidence of cancer (and other illnesses). The higher the muscle mass, the higher the immune function, and the better quality of life. There is a direct correlation between longevity and strength training. Increased muscle mass is critical to both health-span and lifespan.


The majority of illnesses are caused by toxins and pollutants entering the body. Most cancers and other auto-immune diseases develop due to exposure to these harmful compounds which can be present in your current environment. The goal of cellular detoxification is to improve cellular functions so that your body can remove the toxins internally and heal itself. Removing toxins from the cell is critical to reducing inflammation. Cellular detox is a natural strategy to keep the body healthy and clean.

Ozone therapy can help enrich your cellular environment. When an additional oxygen atom is added to an oxygen molecule, a powerful healing therapy is produced. What is produced from the introduction of this additional atom is Ozone (O3).


Your body changes as you age. With these physical changes come issues like poor quality of sleep, weight gain, lack of energy and changes in your mood. If these or other issues plague you, we are available to help. Talk to a BeBalanced team member located inside of ReGenesis360 to learn how our all-natural weight loss program can improve your weight, your health, your libido, and your entire well-being!

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a non-invasive, scientifically proven integrative medicine treatment that uses magnetic fields to heal and energize the body. It can improve circulation and oxygenation and accelerate the healing process by stimulating the body to repair damaged tissue, while significantly reducing pain.


Stopping Osteoporosis in its Path!
In just 10 months exercising on the ARX once a week, Linda has stopped the progression of osteoporosis, is starting to grow new bone, has increased stamina, better posture, and balance, and of course, she is getting much stronger!

– Linda Wilson
Real Estate Broker
67 years-young

Steve is Getting Stronger while Gaining Lean Muscle!
I am not the average client interested in weight loss. As an active baby-boomer, my goal was to gain weight and strength by putting on 20 lbs. of muscle. With coaching and the nutrition information Regenesis 360 provided, I was able to reach my goals within a year! I am now able to maneuver and lift items with less effort. I have gained my confidence back and I feel great!
To be honest, I have never been drawn to exercise, especially weightlifting at a gym. That is the main reason Regenesis 360 is perfect for me because I can get a complete workout with measurable results in less than a half hour once or twice a week! Thank you, Coach Chris, and your great staff of trainers.

– Steve Hilstein
68 years-young


For the past 20 years I have been struggling with mercury toxicity and significant pain in my feet due to neuropathy. After serval sessions in the HOCATT, I have seen my mercury levels reduced by 50% and the pain in my feet reduced by 75%! And I just overall feel better!

– Dr. Edward Shapiro
Biological Dentist

I was extremely fortunate to have discovered the HOCATT when I did. Utilizing this amazing multi-modality sauna has significantly helped in my efforts to heal my cancer and has been an essential as a detox therapy. I also find the HOCATT experience very relaxing, which is quite the feat for my triple “A” personality. My unexpected side effects: more energy; deeper sleep, much less muscle soreness after my workouts: and according to my husband and friends, my skin looks great!
Chris and Julie are very professional and knowledgeable. They have created a very warm and welcoming environment.
I highly recommend the HOCATT and very much look forward my next session!

– Gaea Powell
Business Consultant, Medical Infrared Imaging Specialist

Reversing my Osteoporosis by Including ARX into my Weekly Exercise Routine!

For the past 20 years, I have diligently followed a routine of exercising at least five times a week and maintaining a low-carb diet. Despite my efforts, I was taken aback a few years ago when I received the diagnosis of osteopenia. Determined to improve my bone health, I embarked on a two-year journey of incorporating bone-building nutritional supplements and focused resistance training into my routine. Despite my dedication, subsequent Dexa scans revealed minimal progress, and to my dismay, I had transitioned into osteoporosis.

In search of a solution, I consulted with Dr. Marquis, who recommended incorporating the ARX machine into my workouts. With renewed hope, I committed myself to weekly sessions on the ARX machine and continued with my supplementation regimen. Today, I am delighted to share that my most recent Dexa scan displayed a notable 4% increase in bone density, effectively reversing my condition back to osteopenia. This achievement has bolstered my confidence, and I firmly believe that with consistent ARX workouts, I will eventually overcome osteopenia entirely.

I am immensely grateful to Coach Chris for introducing me to the ARX machine and guiding me throughout this transformative journey.

– Uta Birkmayer

I’m really excited about using ARX! I really want to thank you for all the refinements and effort. The difference between now and 9 years ago is complete night and day. Congratulations and thank you!

– Tony Robbins

Using ARX once or twice a week for 10 minutes stimulates all of the muscle growth I need. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it works! ARX is the future of exercise!

– Dave Asprey
Founder and CEO of Bulletproof

ARX is an awesome technology that can get you maximally strong in a very, very short period of time.

– Ben Greenfield
Triathlete and CEO of Greenfield Fitness Systems

At the age of 54, after multiple lab tests that indicated I was losing bone, and a dexa scan to confirm the lab tests findings, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in both my hips, one of my femurs, and my spine.    I freaked! 

I have always been active…hiking, cycling, walking…but I had never really incorporated a weight bearing routine into my daily activities.  My doctor told me about the ARX workout at Regenesis 360, but I waited a year before contacting them.  Honestly, I was skeptical, and I really did not want to drive an hour each way to do a 30-minute workout in Pismo Beach every week.  But when 6 months of home-based weight-bearing exercise 4 times a week did not have an impact on my bone loss lab test results, I took the plunge. I now work out 1 day a week at Regenesis 360 on the ARX machines and supplement at home with 2 to 3 days of weightlifting. This has been my routine since they reopened after the mandatory Covid-19 closures.

I also started taking a collagen powder supplement daily that Coach Chris recommended. In just 6 months, my bone loss lab test score went from 61 (60+ means I am actively losing a large amount of bone) to 31 (once I hit 30, I will no longer be losing bone). I could not have gotten this far, especially this fast, without the help of Regenesis 360.

In addition to coaching me on the ARX machines, my amazing trainer, Sophie, is always teaching me exercises and sending me links to workouts I can do at home. It is worth the money. It is worth the drive. It is worth the time. If I could do it over again, I would have started a lot sooner!

– Lori Parker

I’ve been a life-long exerciser.  Working out on the ARX equipment at ReGenesis360 allows me to maximize my fitness and strengthening routine in the midst of my busy professional life.  Coach Chris keeps me motivated and engaged!

– Dr. Monika Gottlieb

I have done resistance exercise for 30 years but never as efficient as the ARX!   After just a few weeks of doing the ARX I’m already seeing a noticeable difference in the mirror!  The best part, is my workout doesn’t last longer than 25 minutes.  As a physician I know that strength training is central building to our overall wellness and general health!

– Dr. Klaus Gottlieb

As a prominent medical doctor serving the Central Coast for over 21 years, Dr. Shaban understands the benefits of safe, effective, and measurable strength training!

I love my ARX private training! It’s only 22-minutes twice a week to gain muscle and bone density, especially since one reason  we lose our independence is a hip fracture due to our bone loss. What better than preventing the unexpected!

– Dr. Shaban, MD
Founder of Revive MD Medical Group

I am 85 years young. Although I was athletic when I was young, I never was muscular. The ARX has allowed me to build my overall strength and have bicep muscles that I never had before. Thanks to Arian and the ReGenesis360 team.

– Dick Wishner

I must admit I felt skeptical about the ARX exercise program in the beginning but after the first 30 days I found myself lifting things without effort that I could not lift before without help. My busy schedule doesn’t allow a lot of personal time so the 22-minute total body workout twice a week in the middle of my day is perfect! Can’t say enough good things about Coach Chris and his co-workers!

– Nancy Puder
Founder of Nancy Puder & Associates, a Central Coast Realtor and Broker Associate with Keller Williams. Also, Founder of Sea Coast Seniors



After only doing 12 LiveO2 exercise with oxygen sessions I have experienced a significant difference in my overall energy, stamina, and mental clarity! It has also increased my metabolism as well as my overall circulation. Doing the Live02 for only 20-minutes a day I am experiencing better cardiovascular health than doing traditional cardiovascular exercise for 60-minutes!
– Mark Frassica
ARX, HOCATT, and LiveO2 Client



After doing LiveO2 for 15 minutes I have so much more energy throughout the day! I am also experiencing quicker recovery from my ARX workouts. Incorporating the Live02 three days a week has allowed me to take my physical and mental performance to another level…It’s amazing!
– Julia Colton

ARX and LiveO2 Client



As a result of incorporating ongoing HOCATT sessions into my healthy living routine; I now have more energy, my organs are detoxing better than ever, I’m able to recover faster when dealing with health challenges, it’s provided additional mental and emotional support, and on top of that, the sessions are very relaxing and the staff is wonderful, we have some great conversations during my sessions!

– Ronda Sczbecki
CEO of the Sczbecki family household

My 4 years of medical school, as well as Internal Medicine Residency training, and additional gastroenterology Fellowship did not prepare me to understand or to even believe that the severity of environmental toxicity may be connected to the incredible increase in chronic diseases.

In my 24 yrs. of practice on the Central Coast, I have fallen victim to some of these chronic diseases that fail to respond to conventional medical treatments. Only thru trial and error have I discovered that I feel my best when I do nonconventional measures such as regular detoxing.

The core of my personal cellular detox protocol is the HOCATT, which I do on a weekly basis.  Since using the HOCATT over the past few months, I have seen a reduction in body pain, increased energy, less brain fog, and an overall sense of wellbeing.

– Dr. Tom

My bi-weekly HOCATT sessions are the highlight of my week!

Having dealt with some unexplained health issues over the years, I have finally found resolve after incorporating the HOCATT into my regular health regimen. I’m extremely thankful to Dr. Shaban, my personal doctor, for recommending the HOCATT!

Taking time for myself twice a week to enjoy this amazing therapy has completely transformed my health! I have more energy; better sleep, a decrease in body pain, increased mental clarity, better skin tone, and an overall sense of well-being!

As a small business owner I can not afford to get sick. The greatest investment any of us can make, is to invest in our health!

If you have not yet experienced the HOCATT, I strongly recommend you do so! The benefits you’ll experience will be life changing!

– Mark Frassica
Founder of EquityReach Mortgage Solutions