Coach Chris has been a dedicated entrepreneur since he was 8 years old. He has been coaching individuals and businesses for 40 years in the areas of business and human development; leadership, and lifestyle management.

His coaching philosophies were sculpted through his own “real-life” experiences as an eight-year national title holder in competitive body building and being a successful serial entrepreneur for 40 years. Through his coaching and mentoring Chris has enjoyed seeing thousands of people reach entirely new levels of personal breakthrough; clarity of purpose, self-assurance, and optimal health.

With an insatiable passion, relentless drive, and determination to make a difference on the Central Coast, Coach Chris opened ReGenesis 360 in November of 2017.

He has been a pillar in our community for the past eleven years and has an amazing reputation with local doctors and healthcare professionals.  As part of his commitment to serving our community, in 2014 he launched Prevention on Purpose (POP), a unique venue focused on educating communities on the importance of proactive prevention versus reactive intervention. They are meant to increase awareness with solution-based strategies that affect positive change. 

POP events feature world leading and local experts, doctors, scientists, advocates, filmmakers, lawmakers, etc. who provide inspiring information, and share new ideas and perspectives to encourage local action for positive world change. To learn more about POP, visit:

Meet Our Team

Deanna Stocks

Deanna Stocks is new to our staff.  She worked in the Medical industry for 8 years and worked in Marketing prior to that for 5 years.  She loves to be outdoors.  She enjoys walking, hiking, biking, kayaking, and gardening.  She enjoys working with her church youth program.  She is a mother and a grandmother and enjoys creating new memories with her family as often as possible.

Sophia Cucchiara

Sophia Cucchiara grew up in a health conscious and fitness-oriented family. At a young age she acquired a love for coaching, specifically, educating people on the importance of proper nutrition and adequate exercise.  After high school she became certified as a personal trainer to share her passion within the family business. Becoming ReGenesis 360’s lead ARX Fit Coach has been second nature. Sophia’s hobbies include studying nutrition; cooking & baking; riding her horse; exploring new places; and spending time with family & friends.

Julie Cucchiara

Julie Cucchiara was raised within a health-conscious environment. She became specifically knowledgeable in nutrition by self-research and partly by osmosis as she has been married to Chris Cucchiara for 20+ years. Julie is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health by practicing basic fundamentals. Outside of ReGenesis 360, Julie enjoys writing, hiking, and spending time with family.

Put the 360 Degrees of Wellness Paradigm to work for you!

Your investment towards ensuring a healthy, and active lifespan!

Designed by Coach Chris Cucchiara and based upon proven principles he has taught for 40 years in the health, wellness, and fitness industries – the R360 Degrees of Wellness Paradigm!

We are the preferred choice for those wanting to experience more out of life. Our team is an unparalleled asset in our client’s life. We have developed and continue to cultivate win-win relationships with preferred doctors and healthcare professionals to assist in fulfilling and anticipating our client’s needs. Our powerful and collective knowledge, and cohesive team effort, guides our clients down the paths that are right for them.




During this session, you will meet with one of our 360-degree wellness coaches. They will discuss your overall lifestyle goals as well as any health concerns you may have. Prior to this session, you will have completed our initial lifestyle evaluation forms. The evaluation process is about self-discovery, exposing your total health picture—not just a mere snapshot.


Based on the report of findings from your initial lifestyle strategy session, one of our coaches will recommend a mutually agreed upon personalized health, and body performance program which integrates our 360 Degrees of Wellness Paradigm.

Our 360-degrees of wellness paradigm delivers sustainable, measurable; and life-changing results—using breakthrough technologies, customized modalities, and evidence-based protocols.   

The ARXYour 22-Minute Solution for Toning your Body, Building Lean Muscle, & Increasing Bone Density!  

The HOCATTYour Ultimate Wellness System for Cellular Regeneration, Beauty, and Detox!

THE LIVE02: Exercise with Oxygen Therapy.  Super Oxygenate Your Body for Optimal Physical and Mental Performance in Just 15-Minutes with Live02!

 Lifestyle Concierge: We are dedicated to giving our clients their most valuable advantage – better health with less stress! Besides the breakthrough technologies, customized modalities, and evidence-based protocols, we also offer custom coaching packages to accommodate different lifestyles and requirements.

I’m really excited about using ARX! I really want to thank you for all the refinements and effort. The difference between now and 9 years ago is complete night and day. Congratulations and thank you!

Tony Robbins

Using ARX once or twice a week for 10 minutes stimulates all of the muscle growth I need. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it works! ARX is the future of exercise!

Dave Asprey,
Founder and CEO of Bulletproof

ARX is an awesome technology that can get you maximally strong in a very, very short period of time.


Ben Greenfield,
Triathlete and CEO of Greenfield Fitness Systems